Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Summer is my favorite season of the year.  I can't get enough of the sun, the heat, the greenery, the hazy evenings, and the feeling of cool grass between my toes.  I long for this time of year.  During winters, I feel cold, motionless and bored.  I typically suffer from the wintertime blues (they call it S.A.D.) and can't wait to the first signs of spring so I can go outside and play.  My summer's as a child were so full of adventure...playing tennis with my family, long bike rides, ice cream and malts, water and amusement parks, drive-in movies, night rides, starry nights, BBQ's, picnics, bees/insects, summer camp, swimming and vacations.  Not much has changed since I've become an adult and I still enjoy much of the same things I enjoyed as a child.  To add to the list, I also enjoy music concerts on the river, art fairs, long walks, playing with Mojo in the yard, Farmer's Markets, canoeing, and hanging out with friends and family.  I particularly enjoy sitting on our patio (known as the oasis) and listening to the sounds of a summer's day...birds chirping, kids playing, sprinklers tinkling and lawnmowers humming.  Oh how sweet the sound!! 

For the past two weekends I've spent them with our wonderful neice, Jasmin.  We've taken her on a pony ride, to an Art Fair and to our neighborhood water park.  Her energy and spunk has been a joy to witness and reminds me of why summertime means so much to me...boundless energy, smiles, and just plan ole fashioned fun.